Welcome to the Land of Giants

Giants of Diving is… the music of songwriter Craig Patrick. He records all of the vocal and instrumental tracks in a home studio using various guitars, a keyboard, a fancy microphone, a really solid pair of speakers, a multitude of wires and some powerful computer software he barely understands.

A Diver Prepares

The moment before diving is all about balance; observe the perfect blend of intense focus and utter bewilderment.

The music of Giants of Diving is influenced by the melodic poetry of Crowded House and R.E.M., the social awareness of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle and the big-guitar punch of The Cars and Cheap Trick.

Giants of Diving is…  a platform for observation, reflection, and articulation about life and art, with particular emphasis on a love of words, not all of them ending in -tion.

Giants of Diving is… an exploration of the ambiguous.  Be it a story with no clear ending, a song that tells each listener a separate story, or a poem that appears initially meaningless yet gradually cropped-cropped-48649-bigthumbnail.jpgreveals itself, the pleasure lies not in collecting answers but in relishing the beautiful questions.  Gilda Radner called it “delicious ambiguity,” and Giants of Diving couldn’t have said it better.  Freud, in a rare break from thinking about his penis, said that “neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity.”   Giants of Diving agrees, both in principle, and because it suggests that maybe he’s not so neurotic after all.


Giants of Diving is guitar-driven, synth-tinged, multi-hyphenated power-pop.

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