New Poem

I’ve been trying to take my writing a bit more seriously of late.  This is not a very good example of that.  That said, the one thing I’m not kidding about is wanting everything.

I want to
scan the horizon
for enemy scouts
storm the castle
and run with the bulls
I want to
go the extra mile
put the pedal to the metal
and go off on a tangent
out on a limb
I want to
drink like a fish
get high as a kite
and add fuel to the fire
at the drop of a hat
I want to
give up my day job
in the heat of the moment
and paint the town red
out of the blue
I want to
run the gauntlet
and get off scot-free
dance with the devil
and speak for the trees
I want to
bite off more
than I can chew
take the cake
and eat it too