Attention Poetry People!

In an effort to discover more and better poetry and connect with like-minded writers, I am broadening the scope of this blog to include content by other authors. My goal is to build an internet poetry community around some common values — as outlined in my Mission. Please reach out using the Contact form if you’re interested, or recommend the site to a friend.

Interested in Diving?  Send me one of your poems to share on The Diving Board.

What do I like to see in a poem?

  • a sense of humor – regardless of the subject matter
  • economical use of language
  • some attention paid to sound and rhythm

What do I generally not like to see in a poem?

  • impenetrable verbal gymnastics
  • meaningless bizarro formatting
  • love letters or diary entries about your sexual exploits

What else am I interested in receiving?

  • links to your favorite poems (especially those by emerging writers)
  • poetry websites/blogs you enjoy
  • anything you think aligns with the Diving aesthetic (see my Mission for more on that)